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Barbican School of London is on the mission to transform people’s perception and fear about the higher education. One of our core practices is to reach out to people from disadvantaged background and encourage them to pursue the higher education for better future and life. By giving them back their confidence, Barbican School of London was able to guide the students to successfully complete their undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

What we do?

  • We assess the student’s intention and purpose for the education. Based on this information, we provide the guidance and advise.

We offer the professional support for our students to seek financial help from Student Loans Company (SLC)

  • We provide detailed support and mentoring during the application and interview stages of the admission to the Colleges and Universities.
  • We work closely with the Colleges and Universities to recruit and enrol the talented students.the admission to the Colleges and Universities.
  • We continue enhancing our partnerships with reputable Colleges and Universities to offer a wide variety of courses to our students


To reinstate the confidence in people’s mind to pursue the higher education



To become the leading global higher education provider in the world

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